Large Niggles

From the little niggles to the large networks

It’s the little things that are vital whether you have a website, online accounts or any type of web-based infrastructure. You are at risk of a cyber attack, businesses make prime targets for cyber-criminals and competitors. 

The world is moving to the “Cloud” The question is why? – And that’s simple. When data is in the cloud it is accessible from anywhere,
it is totally secure, and if your applications are being hosted they are always up-to-date, mirrored and backed up.
There are still companies who feel that they want their data on premise, however these are diminishing fast. Cloud solutions are ideal for organisations that are critically dependent on their business systems and looking for an IT solution that will scale and grow with their business. It also provides a flexible option for end users.


Sometimes you just want to take your laptop and throw it out of the window, we know that.

Truth is, the last thing that you need is to get wrapped up with I.T. So, we have designed a special small business package for just £30 per month where you can call us for 5 different cases.


We support networks from as little as 5 to as many as 250 computers, on both Microsoft and Apple platforms. Not many companies specialise in both.

If this is what you require, you can either go on our silver or gold package to get you started or we can come and do a free basic system check and produce a bespoke quotation to best fit your business. Here are some of the more complex problems we often asked to resolve