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The world is moving to the “Cloud” The question is why? – And that’s simple. When data is in the cloud it is accessible from anywhere, totally secure, and if your applications are being hosted they are always up-to-date, mirrored and backed up

There are still companies who feel that they want their data on premise, however they are diminishing fast. Cloud solutions are ideal for organisations that are critically dependent on their business systems and looking for an IT solution that will scale and grow with their business. It also provides a flexible option for end users.


Keeping your PC servers on site makes them vulnerable to theft and hacking.

The shiny new equipment you buy today becomes an antique of tomorrow (especially in computers).

So, the way forward is to host everything in a secure data centre (Cloud) and that’s what we specialise in.

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The first thing you should do, is to make sure that no one can hold you to ransom.

That means backing up and archiving off your data to a separate server. In addition, we recommend Ransomware to stop this at source.