Bell ICT is watching everyone

In our hosted Data Centres, we have one of the world’s leading CCTV software applications. It is an intelligent video streaming engine that sees everything, detects motion or non motion (like a suspect package in an airport) and because everything is stored in the cloud, no one can break in and steal the recordings.


If you have existing Digital and Analogue cameras connected to a DVR or NVR box, all you need to throw away is the box that keeps the recordings.

Our software will keep everything in the cloud and by using inexpensive encoders there is no need to change your existing cameras. If you are a big organisation, we also have access to the software development team who will customise the application to your requirements with ANPR and facial recognition.


If you are a small company and only need one camera, that’s fine. Its £5 per month or thereabouts depending on the camera.

That of course doesn’t include any hardware.

The cost of the camera and the installation are chargeable as you would expect. So let us tell you more and give you a quote for the most advanced system in the world.